Untold Stories from Nepal

Untold Story - Malari

[Content trigger warning: physical and sexual violence]

My name is Malari*. My story begins when I was just a young girl. I loved going to school and desperately wanted to continue. But for me to continue my education, my family needed money. We did not even have proper food at home. 

So my mother decided that she would go to Saudi Arabia to work—to buy food and to send me to school. 

But when she was gone, my father raped me. He raped me uncountable times. 

He used to threaten me every day that he would kill me if I resisted him or told anyone what he was doing. Eventually, I became pregnant. 

That situation in my culture doesn’t allow me to be associated with anyone else. My grandparents believe that if they see me, there will be a curse on my family. They treat me very badly and don’t even want to see my face; they won’t listen when I try to share my difficulties.

My mother would call sometimes from Saudi Arabia and I would tell her what my father was doing. 

She told the people at 3 Angels Nepal what was happening to me, and they caught my father. He is now in jail. I am not sure how long he will be there, but I think it will be for five years. 

I hope that 3 Angels will help my son to get an education. I want him to become a lawyer someday.

My dream is to continue my own studies because I love to learn. I want to help others like me in my community. I know there are many women who are in the same situation I was, and I want to help them.

You can help build a safe haven—where trafficked women like Malari* can find freedom, restoration, education and empowerment. So please, give generously.

*Name changed and representational photo used to protect the individual’s identity

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