Leave a gift in your Will

A bequest of any amount to Give Freedom International is one of the most effective ways you can help us prepare for tomorrow and create a world without human trafficking for future generations.

Your powerful legacy will help give freedom to vulnerable women and children in trafficking hotspots—along with critical education, counselling and holistic support to rebuild their lives.   

We know that leaving a charitable gift in your Will is a deeply personal decision—and that family and loved ones come first. We encourage you to talk with them about your intentions and why leaving the gift of freedom is important to you.

A legacy of freedom

Leaving a charitable gift in your Will, also called a bequest, is easier than you might think. But before we tell you how it’s done—we want to say THANK YOU.

Your estate represents a lifetime of hard work, challenges and triumphs. Which is why your decision to leave a legacy of freedom is nothing short of inspirational. Your generosity will change lives far beyond your lifetime. 

How to include a gift

It’s important to use the correct wording when leaving a gift in your Will. We strongly recommend that you speak with a solicitor or legal representative who can guide you through the process and help ensure your wishes are legally upheld.

You can choose from four main gift types:

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A residual gift

This is the remainder of your estate, or a percentage of the remainder, after all other expenses and gifts are dispersed.

How our 100% giving model works

A percentage of your estate

You can choose to give a percentage of your total assets (known as your “estate”).

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A specific dollar amount

This is also called a pecuniary gift and is a specific contribution of cash funds.


A specific item

You can also choose to give a specific asset, such as real estate, shares or an artwork.

“Leaving a gift in our Will to Give Freedom International was one simple way for us to make sure our values and beliefs live on beyond our lifetimes—impacting future generations and leaving a legacy of hope, freedom and love that can make us and our families proud.”

Anonymous, Give Freedom supporter

Planning to leave a gift in your Will?

We’d love for you to let us know about your plans to leave a gift in your Will to Give Freedom International. This will help us plan for the future—and allows us to say thanks!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to tell you that I’m including Give Freedom International in my Will?

    You can tell us, but you don’t have to. However, letting us know about your intention to leave a bequest will allow us to plan for the future and, most importantly, give us the opportunity to say thanks! To let us know about your bequest, click here.

    Is there a minimum amount that I can leave to Give Freedom International in my Will?

    Any amount you choose to give, no matter how big or small, will be gratefully and humbly received. You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a bequest. Many everyday Australians choose to leave what they can as a way of helping to create a better world for our children and grandchildren.

    What is the correct wording for leaving a gift to Give Freedom International in my Will?

    To make sure your wishes are upheld, it’s important that you get the wording right. Here is our suggested wording for your Will, which we recommend is reviewed by a solicitor or legal representative:

    I give to Give Freedom International Ltd (ABN 58 169 717 355):

    •     The rest and residue of my Estate OR
    •     ___ percent of my Estate OR
    •     ___ percent of the residue of my Estate OR
    •     The sum of $___

    free of all duties and testamentary expenses for its general purposes and I direct that the receipt of that organisation shall be sufficient discharge to my executors for this bequest.

    Our 100% Giving Model

    Want to know more about our unique giving model?