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Give Freedom - 100% Funding Model

Thank you! Your generosity today will take us a critical step towards achieving our goal of fully funding The Pokhara Project. All Australian donations are fully tax deductible—and 100% will go directly to the field.

Give Freedom’s program focus is infrastructure and capacity-building work, known as The Pokhara Project, in partnership with 3 Angels Nepal. While all proposals reflect the final intent for the Pokhara Project, the changing needs of our Field Partner, the budget available and the complex nature of international development projects mean adaptations to the Pokhara Project may need to be made from time to time to achieve the best outcomes for our Field Partner, 3 Angels Nepal, at any given time. Give Freedom International reserves the right to make adaptations to the Pokhara Project to respond to these needs from time to time. 

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While every endeavour is made to ensure price points accurately reflect program costs, fluctuations in exchange rates, cost of building materials and unforeseen global events may impact the financial cost of implementation. Therefore, all funds raised will be pooled to cover The Pokhara Project development as a whole. 

Please note that a limited proportion of these funds may be directed to disaster relief and other emergency support for our Field Partner prior to the completion of their new facilities. We guarantee that 100% of your gift goes to the field.

Every single dollar goes to the field

100% of your gift goes directly to Give Freedom’s international development work.