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Every single dollar goes to the field

Your impact is maximised by our 100% Giving Model—our guarantee that 100% of your gift goes to our work in human trafficking hotspots. All Australian donations are fully tax deductible.

Please note: For security purposes, there is a $125,000 credit card transaction limit. If you wish to give over this amount, please process your gift in multiple transactions of no more than $125,000 at a time. Thank you for your generosity!

Funding Policy: 100% of all gifts made here will be directed to Give Freedom International program. Give Freedom’s program focus is infrastructure and capacity building work known as The Pokhara Project, in partnership with 3 Angels Nepal. Please note that a limited proportion of these funds may be directed to disaster relief and other emergency support for our Field Partner prior to the completion of their new facilities.

Every single dollar goes to the field

100% of your gift goes directly to Give Freedom’s international development work.