Untold Stories from Nepal | Sejun

[Content trigger warning: child trafficking]

“Home is family. It’s a place where there is love.”

Sejun* was just three years old and living in a cold, Nepali prison.

His mother had been convicted of using and selling drugs. His father was nowhere to be found. Life in prison was never what his mother wanted for her precious boy.

Already, at such a tender age, the future had been torn from Sejun’s small hands. Without help, the days, weeks and years ahead looked bleak.  

Thankfully, that’s not the end of Sejun’s story. Through a government program, Sejun was brought to a vulnerable children’s home run by our Field Partner, 3 Angels Nepal. 

At his new home, Sejun began receiving loving care, nutritious food, play opportunities, medical care and more. The home quickly became so much more than four walls—it provided Sejun with security, love, connection and belonging as he grew up.


Today, Sejun is 13 years old and thriving. 

“I feel very happy here,” says Sejun. 

“I enjoy playing with my friends. We have fun together, and also fight sometimes, but we love each other. Our carer, Yogesh, also advises us when we are being mischievous!”

Sejun is studying in year seven at school, and is thankful for the opportunity to receive an education. His dream is to become an engineer one day—empowered and equipped with the ability to earn an income and support his family. 

“I want to be an engineer, making sketches and building houses. 

“Coming here, to this vulnerable children’s home, meant that I could receive a good education. I want to use this education to take care of my family in the future.”   


The vulnerable children’s homes provide a place where girls and boys can nurture their curiosity through formal schooling and grow healthy and strong with holistic health support. 

For Sejun, the homes have instilled in him a sense of belonging and connection throughout his childhood.  

“Home is family. It is a place where there is love, and people share their feelings. 

“It’s also a place where we can get our needs met—like having the 3 Angels Nepal carers teach us good things, prepare food for us and comfort us. 

“It has been a very good home for me here.” 

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*Name changed to protect the individual’s identity