Untold Stories from Nepal | Geeta

[Content trigger warning: physical and sexual violence]

“I am excited to run this shop—and to teach others.”

Geeta hums softly while she sews.

With every stitch, the young Nepali woman is reminded of how significantly her life has changed in just a few years—since she was rescued from trafficking along the India-Nepal border.

Today, bright sunlight streams through the doorway of her tailoring shop, casting a warm and welcoming glow over colourful silks and the smiling faces of women deftly working the machines.

Yet, not that long ago, Geeta’s life had felt completely void of colour.

Geeta had been trafficked, earmarked for prostitution, with little hope of ever regaining her freedom.

Those days had been filled with crippling fear and anguish. It was the darkest time of her life.

Geeta never would have imagined herself where she is now: surrounded by such beauty, empowerment and genuine friendship, sewing delicate fabrics into beautiful clothes for the Nepali community she knows and loves.


Geeta opened her tailoring shop after she was rescued from human trafficking by 3 Angels Nepal. 

It was with pure relief that she travelled with 3 Angels staff back to Nepal, away from the terrifying future that had been laid out for her in India.

Geeta was given refuge at the 3 Angels safe haven, where she was taught new vocational skills like sewing and supported to regain her freedom and confidence through holistic activities such as counselling.

And as her skills grew, Geeta made a decision: not only would she become a self-sufficient business owner one day soon, but she would help other vulnerable women in her community too.

“3 Angels Nepal gave me encouragement, and hope that my life was not finished,” says Geeta. “I could start a new life with the skills I had learned.”

“I came back to my community with high morale and a strong will to do something to help others.”

Geeta made good on her promise. She began offering training to local women who had previously worked in the sex industry.

The tailoring workshops she now runs gives vulnerable women a way to learn income-generation skills and become financially independent, so they can break free from prostitution.

“I am very excited to run this shop. Not only am I learning and earning, but I’m also teaching others, and helping to make the whole community self-sustaining.”

Geeta’s tailoring shop has become a beacon of hope and empowerment for many local women who, like her, grew up surrounded by poverty—and the very real threat of human trafficking.

Geeta has become an inspiring role model in her community. An astute business owner and teacher, Geeta is also a proud mother who is passing on her life skills and wisdom to the next generation.

“I’m excited to earn a living, to teach others, and to raise my children as people who help others—just like I was helped by 3 Angels Nepal.”

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*Name changed and representational photo used to protect the individual’s identity