Untold Stories from Nepal | Mira

[Content trigger warning: child trafficking]

“My family feared for my future.”

Mira* was born into the Chepang Tribe, one of the most isolated and poorest communities in Nepal. 

Her family battled poverty and malnutrition daily. Mostly, they avoided starvation by surviving on tree roots.

When Mira was just five years old, the child trafficking crisis in her community escalated.

Mira’s parents couldn’t afford to move—yet neither could they afford the risk of having their precious daughter taken and sold into prostitution. They urgently needed to find a refuge for Mira, somewhere she could live until it was safe for her to return home.

“My community is prone to child trafficking and my family feared for my future,” explains Mira.


Thankfully, at the tender age of five, Mira was welcomed with open arms into a vulnerable children’s home. 

Overseen by qualified carers, the homes are a refuge where girls and boys can form lifelong friendships, gain a sense of belonging—and have the freedom to simply be kids, free from the threat of trafficking.

At the home, Mira began receiving nutritious food, education, medical care and much more. As the years passed, and it remained highly dangerous for Mira to return to her community, she became a permanent resident at the homes and built a vibrant life for herself there. 

“I feel happy at home, there is a lot of love.” 

“My friends and I do everything together. We joke and play games, like football and running, and indoor games too. 

“We have decorated our room with colourful paper. Best of all, we share our problems with one another.” 


Today, 16-year-old Mira’s days are full to bursting with laughter, fierce friendship and love.

Mira may never really know how close she came to being trafficked into slavery and sold into a life of abuse and bondage. Instead, she is busy studying hard at school, and receiving critical support from the carers and educators along the way.

“The staff help me with my education, especially with maths, and take care of any health issues. It’s my job to keep my room clean and help in the kitchen.”

Mira also has big dreams for her future, with her sights set on becoming a businesswoman one day. 

As she imagines a future for herself, Mira is keen to point out that one of her biggest goals is to help others, just like she was helped by 3 Angels Nepal.

“I want to run my own business and help people living in poverty, just like 3 Angels Nepal helped me. 

“I am thankful for all the opportunities I have received.”

You can help give freedom to children and women in Nepal today. 100% of your gift will go directly to the field to help end human trafficking and exploitation.

*Name changed to protect the individual’s identity