The Pokhara Project: A Staged Approach

Mar 6, 2024 | News

For years our Field Partner, 3 Angels Nepal, has run their rescue and restoration programs from poorly constructed, rented buildings that require costly maintenance, particularly after damaging monsoon rains. 

Some of these buildings have become so deteriorated that they are now under threat of closure from the Nepali government. While 3 Angels Nepal remain under these trying conditions, their dreams of self-sufficiency will stay just that—dreams.

Without a fit-for-purpose facility that is self-owned and self-sufficient, temporary and inadequate accommodation will always be a debilitating burden that negatively impacts trafficked women and children.

Stage 1 Construction

This is why we are excited to implement a staged build approach with The Pokhara Project—a positive initiative for many reasons, including the potential for 3 Angels Nepal to move into their new home sooner–a self-owned, self-sustaining facility.

Stage 1 Construction is the first crucial step to completing The Pokhara Project as a whole. It will provide 3 Angels Nepal with fundamental operational facilities such as classrooms, a dining hall, the women’s safe haven, vulnerable children’s homes and a medical centre—everything they need for their beneficiaries to be safe and holistically thrive.

See what buildings are included in Stage 1 Construction using the interactive map.

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