Untold Stories from Nepal | Yogesh

[Content trigger warning: physical violence]

“Their support helped me become who I am today.”

Yogesh is proud to be the Vulnerable Children’s Homes Program Manager with 3 Angels Nepal. 

Yet once upon a time, Yogesh himself was one of the vulnerable children who sought urgent refuge at the homes. 

Yogesh’s life was shattered at the tender age of three, when he was burned from head to toe in a serious accident. 

The wounds required ongoing management, so young Yogesh and his mother would walk the two-hour journey to the hospital every second day to have his wounds cleaned and dressed. 

Then, a year later, the rented room where Yogesh and his family lived burned to the ground. 

Yogesh, his siblings and their mother had nowhere to go—so they moved to the streets. Their father went overseas, leaving the family with little support or means of survival.

“That day, everything turned to ash,” remembers Yogesh.

Yogesh’s mother had never had the opportunity to attend school as a child. She could not read or write, making it difficult for her to secure well-paying work and provide for her children as a single parent. 


Life became desperate for the young family. But one day, Yogesh’s mother had a chance encounter with a Founder and Director of 3 Angels Nepal, Rajendra Gautam. 

“That encounter changed my life.”

Yogesh and his younger brother were offered a place at the 3 Angels Nepal vulnerable children’s homes. From that day, their lives never looked the same. 

“It was great living in the vulnerable children’s homes. 

“I had many friends and we used to play together. We were like a family. The staff and carers were very supportive. They helped us with homework and learning and studying. 

“The support I received helped me become who I am today.”


Today, Yogesh is the Vulnerable Children’s Homes Program Manager with 3 Angels Nepal. It’s his job to oversee the staff and children’s wellbeing, and make sure that every child feels at home under his care. 

“Every child has a different story. 

“Many have been trafficked or have been in situations where they were highly vulnerable to trafficking. Others are victims of domestic violence, war victims or have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

“We want to tailor our activities to the children’s various needs, and give every child the opportunity to become a good citizen of the nation.”

It’s clear that Yogesh is passionate about helping vulnerable children to thrive—not just in their schooling, but also in their self-confidence as they grow into young adults.    

“The 3 Angels Nepal vulnerable children’s homes give boys and girls food, shelter and education. 

“But more than that is the love and care they receive from 3 Angels Nepal. 

“That is what I received as a child from 3 Angels Nepal, and it is what I want to ensure for the children under my care today.

“It gives me joy to see the smiles on the children’s faces as they begin to recover from their worries and past trauma.”

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