Riverworks Are Underway

Apr 18, 2023 | News, TPP Updates, YIR23 Posts

Important riverworks to stabilise the banks of the Seti River ahead of The Pokhara Project development have begun.

This vital step will reinforce the 250 metre stretch of river adjacent to the Pokhara Project site and will form a key part of the site’s sturdy, earthquake-proof foundations.

With work now well underway, Nepal based construction engineers hope to complete the task by the end of the year.

“This is a significant step towards realising our dream of creating a long-term home for 3 Angels Nepal,” said Steve Raymond, founder and CEO of Give Freedom International.

“We are excited to be working collaboratively with our Field Partner and the local community on this first stage. I can’t thank our supporters enough for helping us achieve this.”

Excavator working on the Seti Riverbank

Nine acres of land alongside the Seti River have been purchased thanks to the generosity and long-term vision of Australian donors. 

This land will become home to new facilities for 3 Angels Nepal, to increase their capacity and impact, and enable them to continue their life-changing work with trafficked women and children.

Before building can start, the river banks must be stabilised and excess water drained from the site. This is because every year during the monsoon season the Seti River floods. This flooding dumps excess sediment along the riverbed and banks, and causes land around it to flood. 

Upstream deforestation and farming also cause obstructions to the natural flow of the river.

On top of this, the increased volume of water and strong current of the river is leading to significant soil erosion of the river banks. Left unchecked, this would compromise the land earmarked for The Pokhara Project.

Site surveys have been conducted by hydrology and geotechnical engineers, who have run multiple flood and flow simulations to determine the most sustainable structural design for the land conditions. 

The final design includes a combination of spurs and revetments to stabilise and protect the riverbank. These will keep flood water away from vulnerable banks, reduce the amount of debris deposited on the riverbed and absorb the river’s energy. Together they will protect the land from further erosion and ensure The Pokhara Project is sustainable long into the future.

If you are interested in supporting The Pokhara Project, construction of which will be able to start when the project is fully funded, click here.