Riverworks are Complete!

Feb 15, 2024 | News

The riverworks are done and we are so excited to bring you this news!

What a journey it has been, with challenges that took time and patience to navigate and overcome.

This is a great cause for celebration as completion of the riverworks means that:

    1. The vulnerable banks of the Seti River will now be protected from being washed away.
    2. The base of the adjacent cliff will no longer be eroded when the Seti River floods.
    3. The building site for The Pokhara Project on the plateau of the adjacent cliff is earthquake proof.
  1. None of this would be possible without your incredible generosity and dedicated support. 

    Give Freedom founders, Steve and Robyn Raymond, recently travelled to Nepal to see the finished work firsthand. They were beyond amazed by the end result and the expertise involved–as were 3 Angels Nepal. 

    As an invaluable partner in The Pokhara Project, Nepal-based architectural firm, John Sanday Associates (JSA), says of the quality of professionals involved:

    A very responsive construction team was definitely ideal for the successful project as they were very positive throughout the project duration and they managed the project pretty well. We felt they dedicated their undivided effort and attention throughout the project patiently.

The Journey

The Pokhara Project is a beautiful stretch of land in Pokhara, Nepal, that runs alongside a 250-metre stretch of the Seti River.

Every year, during monsoon season, the Seti River floods and erodes the base of the adjacent cliff, putting the plateau above on which The Pokhara Project will be built at risk of eroding away, too.

This critical project is now complete and forms part of the building site’s earthquake-proof infrastructure.

It was your support that enabled us to contract local hydrologists and geotechnical engineers to conduct site surveys, run flood and flow simulations, and agree on the best way forward.

Using a combination of spurs, revetments and launching aprons to absorb the river’s energy and minimise sedimentation (reducing the flood risk), the river banks and cliff are now protected from being washed away. 

You have made this crucial step possible and have empowered us to build the impact and capacity of 3 Angels Nepal through The Pokhara Project. 

Find out more about The Pokhara Project and how you can support it here.

What next?

Stabilising The Pokhara Project site is a monumental feat and means that construction can begin as soon as we reach our funding targets. It provides 3 Angels Nepal with a secure, permanent facility, and with the confidence to continue their crucial work of rescuing and caring for trafficked women and children for generations to come.