The Pokhara Project

The open border between Nepal and India means that more people are being trafficked out of Pokhara than ever before. Our Field Partner, 3 Angels Nepal, is working on the frontlines of this trafficking hotspot. The Pokhara Project is a sustainable building project that includes a self-funding school, women’s safe haven, vulnerable children’s homes, a community medical centre and vocational training facilities.

Project Status

Funding target
  • 28%

Funding Target

Funds raised to date for The Pokhara Project. When the target is achieved, construction can begin!

Building Progress
  • 0%

Construction Progress

Tracking the build from the start of groundworks to build completion.

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  • 43%

Overall Progress

Percentage of key milestones completed for The Pokhara Project.

Field Partner Profile

The Pokhara Project Location
3 Angels Nepal Logo
3 Angels Nepal works to fight human trafficking through rescue, prevention and rehabilitation. 3 Angels is an established and well-respected NGO based in Pokhara, Nepal. Led by CEO Dr Rajendra Gautam and an experienced and passionate local team, 3 Angels Nepal is undertaking life-saving community building work in a region hit hard by human trafficking.

Latitude Documentary

To delve deeper into the issue of human trafficking and how our Field Partner 3 Angels Nepal is working to fight it—watch Latitude. This documentary will ask you to confront how different your life might be if you were born in another latitude. [Content trigger warning: personal descriptions of physical and sexual violence]
Latitude Documentary

Project Outcomes

Pokhara Project Outcome - Women's safe haven

Women’s Safe Haven

Pokhara Project Outcomes - Community Medical Centre

Community Medical Centre

Self-funding school

New Self-funding School

Vocational training facilities

Vocational Training Facilities

24hr Security + Safety

24hr Security + Safety

safe drinking water

Safe Drinking Water

Hygiene and sanitation

Hygiene and Sanitation

Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally Sustainable

Vulnerable children's home

Vulnerable Children’s Homes

Earthquake proof engineering

Earthquake Proof Engineering

Passive solar design

Passive Solar Design Principles

Community development

Community Development and Empowerment

Project Milestones

Key: Complete Planned

Purchase land

70 Ropani (almost 9 acres) of land along the Seti River at the foothills of the Annapurna Ranges were secured in stages between 2015 and 2019

Land and Geotechnical Surveys

Completed in two stages in 2015 and 2017 to support architectural planning

Stakeholder Engagement

Extensive meetings and planning between 3 Angels Nepal, Architects and all stakeholders to prepare the design brief

Draft Architectural Masterplan

Completed in 2018 by True North Architects (Central Coast, Australia) and John Sanday Associates (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Detailed Designs

Detailed architectural plans for all buildings and homes completed, and the expansion of the Masterplan to include the women’s safe haven and 3 Angels Nepal offices

Electrical, Sanitation and Hydrological Design

Completed in March 2020

Riverworks Survey

Detailed surveys required to facilitate riverworks design and structural plans

Riverworks Design and Construction

Stabilisation of the riverbank by building a retaining wall and draining excess surface water on site

Architectural and Structural Plans Approval

Submit final plans to local municipality, 3 year approval given to commence building (this will be undertaken when funding goal for construction is reached)

Bill of Quantities

Updated bill of quantities produced to confirm projected costs

Building Contract to Tender

The build will be put out to tender and a local builder and independent project manager will be confirmed

Groundworks—Water, Sanitation, Roads

Core infrastructure and services such as water, sanitation, structural landscaping and roads

Commence Construction

Start building works in September of planned construction year (ideal timing in Nepal due to monsoon season)

Complete Construction

End building works

Official Opening

Opening of the 3 Angels school, women’s safe haven and vocational training centre, vulnerable children’s homes and community medical centre

Site Expansion Planning

Plan next steps to expand school capacity to 800+ students, including additional vocational training facilities and shared community spaces

Architectural 3D Model

Support the Pokhara Project

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