This is What Impact Looks Like

August 31, 2023 | News
Since their inception, 3 Angels Nepal has worked tirelessly to care for women and children who have been trafficked or are at-risk in Nepal. 

The past year has seen remarkable accomplishments that are a testament to the importance of the work they do and the level of impact they are having. 

We want to celebrate them! 

Here are some of their achievements over the past financial year and why these wins matter.


5195 People

were rescued from slavery or had the trafficking process intercepted before they could be sold. 

That’s over 5000 precious individuals who have a new and real hope for the future, who no longer have to live in fear of being treated in unspeakable ways, and who are learning firsthand how love, care and support can profoundly change their lives.

women's safe haven

215 Women

were given refuge at the 3 Angels Nepal safe haven—167 were safely reintegrated into their community of origin.

The women’s safe haven gives trafficking survivors a home, counselling, healthcare and education so they can heal from their trauma in safety and be equipped to thrive in the process. Stigmatism attached to sex work and sexual assault can make it difficult for women and girls to return to their homes when ready. It’s a notable triumph when survivors can be safely reintegrated into their community of origin.


400 Students

received education at the 3 Angels Nepal school, preparing them for a brighter future. 60% are fee paying.

Education remains one of the most effective ways out of poverty. As part of our Field Partner’s move toward self-sufficiency, a 60/40 enrolment policy for the school will help ensure financial sustainability. Sixty percent of children attending will be fee-paying students from the community. This intentional mix of rescued and fee-paying children will help dismantle damaging caste barriers and reduce generational prejudice.

safe children

150 Children

are living in safe alternative housing where they can laugh, play, grow and thrive.

Every child has the right to live free from harm. The children’s safe haven provides rescued and at-risk children with space to heal, urgent care, and the freedom to be kids. It’s a priority of 3 Angels Nepal to reunite rescued children with their families, but until that is possible, the homes provide stability and a place where every child is known and loved.

freedom icon

5129 People

received anti-trafficking training through a youth-led awareness program that reached the army, police, schools and border security forces.

Understanding the dangers of trafficking and how to identify traffickers helps safeguard the community against the tricks of criminal gangs. The broad reach of the training helps to thwart human trafficking at various levels of society—from school-age kids to law enforcers.


120 Women

received support to start their own businesses. That’s over 2400 women to date who have been empowered through microfinance loans.

Because poverty plays such a big part in trafficking, empowering women to earn a living through vocational training reduces their vulnerability and grows the community. Many women—like Geeta—start a business with the help of a loan and teach others their skills. It’s a powerful ripple effect that changes lives beyond their own.

We deeply acknowledge and fully celebrate these incredible achievements!

Your continued support of Give Freedom International and The Pokhara Project will increase the capacity and impact of 3 Angels Nepal, and enable them to continue their incredible work well into the future.

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