Vulnerable children’s homes:
Building 2

Viśvāsa and Śakti Houses

Vulnerable children’s homes:
Building 2

Viśvāsa and Śakti Houses

Fund this new building—and help give children a new home

You can choose to fund the construction of an entire new building encompassing two vulnerable children’s homes: Viśvāsa House and Śakti House. As the building’s generous sponsor, you’ll receive exclusive naming rights—and, as always, every single dollar you give will go directly to the field.

The new stand-alone building will provide two loving homes for up to 20 children combined at any given time who have been rescued from trafficking, or who are considered high-risk. Over the years and decades to come, your support will provide hundreds, potentially even thousands, of children with a place to call home.

About this building:

Two homes: Viśvāsa and Śakti Houses

Location: Pokhara, Nepal

Who will live in these homes? Boys under 12 years old

Cost to fully fund one home: $125,000

Cost to fully fund the building (two homes): $250,000

Exclusive naming rights

If you fully fund this new building, you will receive exclusive naming rights as a special thank you. A dedicated plaque will be displayed in the new building to honour your incredible generosity. You’ll also be invited to attend the opening ceremony in Nepal as our special guest in the years to come, once construction is complete.

A place to live, grow and thrive

Overseen by qualified carers, the homes will be a refuge where girls and boys can form lifelong friendships, gain a sense of belonging—and have the freedom to simply be kids, free from the threat of trafficking. 

It’s our Field Partner’s hope and priority that girls and boys rescued from trafficking can be safely reunited with their families. Until this is possible, the homes provide a place where they can nurture their curiosity through formal schooling and grow healthy and strong with holistic health support.

Your support will provide children with more than just four walls. 

You will be giving children:

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A place to belong

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Education and empowerment

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Love and safety

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Holistic healthcare

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Counselling and mentoring

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Play and development opportunities

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Nutritious food

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Friendship and connection

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Access to formal schooling

How to support this building

You can fully fund the construction of this entire building (two homes) with a generous gift of $250,000. Alternatively, you can choose to fully fund one individual home with a gift of $125,000, or part-fund* a home with an amount of your choice.

Each new vulnerable children’s home will typically be built in a pair, with two homes per building. With your help, we plan to build 14 new vulnerable children’s homes over the coming years as part of The Pokhara Project.

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Fully fund the building

$250,000 would fund the construction of the whole building, which includes both Viśvāsa House and Śakti House, providing loving homes for up to 20 vulnerable children combined at any given time.

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Fully fund a home

$125,000 would fund the entire construction of one home—Viśvāsa House, Śakti House or another of your choosing—providing a loving home for up to 10 vulnerable children at any given time.



The proposed floor plan

This architectural plan shows how Viśvāsa House and Śakti House will be constructed side-by-side within the one building. The specially designed earthquake-proof building will include both private and communal living spaces, protecting children’s safety and privacy while fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Got questions or want more information?

You can speak directly with one of our partnership managers about this giving opportunity by emailing or calling 1300 081 190.

Give Freedom - 100% Funding Model

Give now to fund Building 2:
Viśvāsa House and Śakti Houses

Thank you for your generosity! You can fully fund the construction of this building with a gift of $250,000, fully fund a home with a gift of $125,000, or give an amount of your choice towards the overall construction of the homes. All Australian donations over $5 are fully tax deductible—and 100% will go directly to the field.

Please note: For security purposes, there is a $125,000 credit card transaction limit. If you wish to give over this amount, please process your gift in multiple transactions of no more than $125,000 at a time. Thank you for your generosity!

Funding Policy: 100% of all gifts made here will be directed to Give Freedom International program. Give Freedom’s program focus is infrastructure and capacity-building work known as The Pokhara Project, in partnership with 3 Angels Nepal, which includes the construction of vulnerable children’s homes. Please note that a limited proportion of these funds may be directed to disaster relief and other emergency support for our Field Partner prior to the completion of their new facilities.